Football food that leaves your drain fumbling.

Can you hear it coming? That's the sound of football coming. The big game is just around the corner. Which means - let the games begin. The living room is ready. TV’s are hooked up across the entire house. The grill is set and the snacks are ready for the pouncing.

Your gameplan is flawless, except for one small detail - cleanup. Worrying about your disposal is the last thing on anyone’s mind during playoff season. Which is why many people experience the headache of clogged pipes.

Not to worry. We have the perfect strategy to make sure you can survive your football party without having to call your local Dauenhauer for a Hail Mary.

Grilling for the game? Keep the grease away from the drain. Although it seems like an easy solution, putting the grease down the drain will cause the grease to harden and stick in the pipes. This leads to food buildup and clogs.

While wings are a great snack for game time the bones are not good for the disposal. So, after gnawing off the last bite of meat, throw those bones into the trash.

If you're having healthier options at the party, make sure to keep the stringy vegetables in the trash, not the disposal. Remember, veggies are made for ranch, not your pipes.

No pigskin party is complete without potato skins. Just remember, make sure to keep the starchy foods out of the drain, as they typically expand in the water and get stuck as they are moving through the pipes.

Everyone knows deviled eggs are pretty tasty, but your drain isn’t a fan of the shells. Throw those away; better yet, use them for your compost.

If you have any other disposal questions for your gameday party, call your local Lexington Dauenhauer, any hour.