The secret to water filtration

Millions of homes and businesses across America have water filtration systems. From the small American family that have a simple water purification pitcher kept in the fridge to the restaurant that has an elaborate water filtration system, the range of how water filtration in the United States is addressed is very wide. There is one common theme throughout, Americans want clean water.

Whole house water filtration systems are an excellent investment in any home or business. The water that we get from most local municipalities is not completely safe. Water is cyclical, and no new water is ever created, it just changes form. The water on our planet touches just about everything, the more our planet becomes polluted, the more our water gets polluted. This makes an increasing demand for water filtration.

Currently, the way we treat water for public consumption is out-of-date and ineffective. The typical municipal water filtration system consists of running water through a huge sediment system and then adding chlorine to it and pumping it through pipes into homes and businesses.

The chlorine is needed to kill the germs and pathogens between the treatment plant and the end user. The problem: chlorine is a dangerous chemical, and it is in the water when the end user gets it. All too often, Americans end up drinking lead, antibiotics, sewage, and dangerous pathogens when they turn on their faucets. Water filtration in the home will remove these dangerous elements from the water supply.

Some water filtration systems remove elements that are annoying, and not dangerous. Most areas in the United States have hard (heavily mineralized) water. Water softeners take out the hard minerals and replace them with softer minerals.

Some water filtration systems make water more beneficial by adding an ion exchange. This may exchange lead ions for potassium or split the water into two different types, one for drinking and one for bathing. The drinking substance is able to hydrate the body better.

Always be aware that certain types of water filtration systems perform different functions. Not all water filtration systems strain out dangerous substances, and not all water filtration systems make the water softer. Different water filtration systems have different benefits.

While there are many types of water filtration systems on the market today, the best ones contain some sort of a carbon stage and have several different components the water must pass through before it is ready to drink.