How to save big on water usage.

It seems like nowadays we’re always looking for ways to be a little more eco-friendly. Saving water is just one of the ways we’re trying to help out a little bit more. We all know the little ways we can do our part. Like cutting back on the amount of time we spend in the shower and turning off the sink while we brush our teeth. At Dauenhauer, we’d like to help you continue to cut back on your water usage with 8 tips anyone can take advantage of.

  • Get creative when watering plants. Oops, did you just drop an ice cube? Give it your orchid! Found a bug in your water glass? Your fern won’t mind!
  • Use a bowl of water to wash fruits and vegetables. It just makes sense instead of leaving the water running the entire time. And guess what? You can also use this bowl to water your plants as well.
  • Shut off the water while you lather your hair with shampoo.
  • Please use the dishwasher. It actually uses less water than you would use handwashing each dish. But make sure you run a complete load only.
  • Encourage children to shut off faucets. Whether they’re washing their hands or brushing their teeth, there’s no reason why your kids can’t help conserve water, too.
  • Examine your sprinklers. It never hurts to see if your sprinklers are watering where they should be. Sidewalks and your driveway really don’t need that extra watering.
  • Upgrade toilets and fixtures. Green faucets and showerheads and low-flush toilets use a lot less water than those installed a couple of decades ago.
  • Check your water bill. If you notice any sudden spikes or any unusual changes in water usage, give Dauenhauer a call. This could potentially be a sign of a leak.

For any other water saving questions, feel free to call Dauenhauer, any hour.