Possible Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Won't Drain

There you are, rushing to put your just washed load into the dryer. And instead of pulling out freshly washed jeans, you reach into a blue lagoon of denim. The next step would be to call your local Dauenhauer plumber, but we may be able to help out with some troubleshooting ahead of time. Let’s see:

Could it be the drain hose?
The hose that carries water from the back of the machine could be causing it not to drain properly. The washing machine hose could have a kink obstructing the water flow, or the unit could be jammed too close to the wall, interfering with water flow through the hose.

Is it the lid switch?
The lid switch could prevent the machine from draining correctly. It’s typically a small, plastic switch located under the lid or door of the washer. To check if it's functioning correctly, open the washer and press the switch. If you don’t hear a clicking sound, the switch may need replacing.

Is it a belt?
Check the manufacturer’s diagram of your machine to see where the belts are located. Look for a break, damage, or see if it slipped out of place.

Is it the drain?
The problem may actually not be the washing machine at all. If there is water remaining in the tub or on the floor, you may have a clogged drain. Run a plumber’s snake through the drain opening to see if you can clear the stoppage.

If you have any questions about your washing machine or if you need help call Dauenhauer, any hour.