Where’s the Hot Water in My Shower?

For most homeowners, the hot water for showers comes from your water heater tank. And many have had the shocking experience of losing our hot water in the middle of a morning shower. If you can relate to this experience, here are some steps to determine if there’s a bigger issue at hand, and if you should contact your local Dauenhauer.

A Slow Drop

In some cases, you may find yourself taking faster showers because of a slow, steady drop in temperature over the course of your shower. If this happens to describe your situation, more than likely it could be an issue with your pressure balance. Inside the faucet there is a spring that adjusts the temperature of your hot water as needed. Over time, just like anything else, that spring will begin to give out. And as you’ve found out, it results in your shower slowly getting colder. The solution is simple. Replace the spring.

A Sudden Drop

On the other hand, if your hot water gives out suddenly, it could be an entirely different problem. This could be an issue with your dip tube. The dip tube is a pipe that connects to your water heater’s cold-water inlet pipe and brings cool water to the heater. Sometimes, a dip tube can get shifted in the wrong position, which throws off the temperature of your water. This would be a case to call your local plumber.

Just Not Enough

The most common cause for a loss of hot water is quite simply because you’ve run out of hot water. This could be addressed by simply shortening your shower duration. If it’s a consistent problem then you may want to explore a tankless water heater. Traditional water heaters contain a finite amount of hot water that can be used at one time. While tankless hot water heaters, are not only known for saving energy but they also only heat water as needed.

For any other water heater questions, feel free to call Dauenhauer, any hour.