To Tank or Not to Tank. Which Water Heater is Right for You?

Unless you’re in the plumbing business, choosing a water heater probably isn’t a life highlight for you. If it is, then maybe you should be working with us. But that’s a topic for another blog. There’s been a lot of talk about tankless water heaters lately and how they’re designed to save energy. But does this automatically make them right for your home?

Tankless water heaters – what to like
Conserving energy is the most obvious reason people choose a tankless water heater. The reason why they work so well is because tank water heaters have to remain running at all times so that you can have hot water whenever you need it. Tankless water heaters work on a need basis. When you need hot water, it turns on then shuts off after you’re done.
One of the downsides is tankless water heaters may cost a little more to install. Although, for those who are able to look at the big picture those costs are offset by the monthly savings.

Traditional water heaters – what you can still like
With all the benefits of tankless water heaters, you still shouldn’t look past conventional storage tank water heaters just yet. Tank water heaters come at a lower cost, which is often the most important thing to a homeowner. They also have the benefit of being more reliable at times, particularly since they tend to get hot water to your shower and faucets a lot faster.
Of course, if you have any questions about choosing a new water heater or if you need any other help call Dauenhauer, any hour.