Where's That Sewer Smell Coming From?

You should be focused on the pleasant aroma of dinner, but unfortunately you’re hit with something much more foul. It’s your sink. And it smells like a sewer. While the smell may have you cringing, fortunately there could be a simple reason for the odorous, uninvited dinner guest. But regardless of the severity of the problem, it’s always a good idea to act quickly. A minor problem can quickly become a major one if left untreated.

Three possible sewer smell culprits:

1. A Dry P-Trap
This is what you want it to be. It’s the most straightforward of issues, and also the easiest to fix. A p-trap is designed to collect water so it can block the backflow of sewer gas from farther down the pipe. If you’re not using the sink very often, the water will eventually evaporate. So, simply run some water to restore the p-trap.

2. Backflow from blocked vents
Notice a gurgling sound coming from your drain? This is a clear sign you have blocked vents. In most cases, debris or an animal nest is blocking these vents. When this happens, sewer gas is forced back up your drains. While this isn’t a major problem, the process of removing debris can often lead to more damage to your drains. So in this instance, we recommend calling a professional to remove the debris.

3. Sewer line damage
This is exactly as bad as it sounds. The first clue will be that the sewer smell isn’t localized to one area, but actually emanating from various areas in your home. You sewer line can eventually crack or break from age or corrosion, or even become blocked from tree roots. If this happens, call your local Dauenhauer plumber immediately.

And as always, if you have any questions or if you need help call your Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour.