What are Four Reasons for Low Water Pressure?

It’s been known to provoke instant rage in both men and women. It can turn a simple chore into a screaming nightmare. It’s the thorn in the side of homeowners across the country. Of course, we’re talking about low water pressure. Today, we’re going to address possible causes of this devilishly relaxed water steam.

Plumbing Leaks
This is one of the main reasons your morning shower may be less than you hoped. When your pipes leak, not all the water reaches the faucet, thus causing low pressure.

Buildup in Pipes
Just like any appliance that experiences normal wear and tear, after extended use buildup can occur. From dirt and dust to sand and debris, these particles constantly flow through your drains and into the pipes. This buildup can block water flow and minimize the pressure.

Problem with the Local Water Supply
In some instances, the reason behind your low water pressure has nothing to do with your home. Sometimes the issue can be found with your city’s water supply. In this case, have a chat with your neighbors and see if anyone else is having the same problem. If multiple people are experiencing similar scenarios, then contact your local water company and ask them to address it.

Clogged Plumbing
This is actually the second stage from buildup in the pipes. Clogged plumbing can reduce the water flowing through your pipelines. This blockage will not only cause low water pressure, but it can also lead to a potential burst in the pipe.

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