Spend Vacation Relaxing, Not Worrying About Your Plumbing

School is out, or almost out, here in Lexington, and let’s face it - this time of year is the best. Summer brings long days at the pool or on the lake, delicious cookouts, cold beverages and unforgettable vacations. And when it’s time to take a well-deserved break, the last thing in the world you should be worrying about is whether or not your plumbing is going to be alright while you’re gone. Want to make sure your focus is on relaxation and not your pipes when you head off to vacation? Read on to find out how.


The most important step in a stress-free vacation is preparation. Don’t wait to repair the water damage - fix the leak before you go! Trust us, the faster you can locate and fix a leak, the more money and time you will save in the long run. In addition, if you’ve got someone house-sitting or keeping an eye on your home or your pets while you’re gone, add your plumber’s number to the emergency contact list you leave them - just in case. And don’t forget, Dauenhauer is here for you 24/7, so any after-hours emergencies are never a problem.

Turn off your main water valve.

It may seem like going the extra mile, but if you're planning on being away from your home for a longer vacation, it’s not a bad idea to turn off the water to your house. Doing so drastically decreases the possibility that your home could suffer from a leak while you’re gone, ultimately leaving you with one less thing to worry about and more peace-of-mind.

We can’t wait to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather this season, and we know you’re excited too! We hope your summer days are long and your vacations are stress-free and rejuvenating… But just in case a plumbing problem pops up, we’re always here for you.