Is Your Bathroom Safe for Seniors?

Like it or not, our country is rapidly greying. As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the number of people 65+ is expected to boom from 12.4% of the U.S. population (2000) to nearly 20% over the next several years. Making your home a safe place for any elderly or disabled family members is a serious concern for many of us here in the Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky areas.

The bathroom is one of the major trouble spots for accidents in the home for the elderly or other people who have mobility or balance issues. Wet floors, slippery surfaces and other issues can sometimes present a problem.

For adult caregivers, a safety-minded bathroom remodel may provide greater peace of mind for the whole family and help avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room with your senior parent.

Here’s a quick checklist of safety upgrades that might be necessary:
  • Walk-in showers with shower seats provide safer and easier access.
  • Grab bars in the shower or bathtub, and next to the toilet.
  • Slip-proof flooring for the tub, shower, and bathroom floor (a non-skid coating is available as a finish coating for most hard surface floors).
  • Floating sinks for wheelchair access
  • Elevated toilet seats or safety frames
  • Hot water temperature set 120 degrees
  • Towels, wash rags, soap and shampoo within easy reach
  • Night lights to illuminate the path to bathroom or in the bathroom itself
Many of these are simple fixes, but if you need to do a bathroom remodel project, be sure to call Dauenhauer, any hour.

We’ll provide a fast, free estimate to take care of the job and make sure your home is safe for the whole family.