Choosing A Plumber? Keep These Things In Mind

Finding the right plumber in Lexington might seem like an intimidating task. However, as experts in the field, we always like to offer a reminder about the things you should keep in mind when looking for a plumber to trust. While there’s a long list of things to check out when shopping for a plumber, here are three simple things to keep in mind:

Check their credentials.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but make sure the plumber you choose is properly licensed! Not only does choosing a plumber who’s licensed help to ensure that your plumbing job will be handled correctly, but it also prevents your home from failing a future inspection because your handyman didn't adhere to state and local plumbing codes.

Make sure they’re available when you need them.

Time is of the essence - that’s why Dauenhauer is available 24/7. When selecting a plumber, make sure you choose someone that will be there when the problem strikes, not days later after the damage is done. Not only does handling a problem quickly mean less damage - it also means less money spent on the repair itself.

Find someone with the reviews to back them up.

One of the best things about living in the Lexington community is how well plugged-in the people are around us. When someone receives poor or excellent plumbing service, they’re often compelled to write about it online. Do yourself a favor and be sure to check out what other people are saying about a plumber you’re considering. Beyond that, check out how the plumber responds to the negative reviews. Are they willing and trying to make amends with unhappy customers? Often, the reaction is just as important as the initial review - after all, mistakes happen, but a true professional will make them right.

Questions about how to make sure a plumber is the right choice for you? Give us a call - we’ll be happy to help.