Toilet Talk: Phones in the Bathroom

We’ve all heard the horror stories about precious smartphones meeting their demise inside toilet bowls - some of us may have even experienced it ourselves. But how rare are these occurrences really? How often do people actually use their phones on the toilet? Which group is the most likely to text from the toilet? Read on for some impressive statistics.

According to a recent study the most likely demographic to use smartphones while sitting on the toilet are young, tech-savvy males. In addition, Millennials - often infamous for being the most technologically submersed demographic - reported that a whopping 91% use their mobile device while using the restroom. Maybe more surprisingly, a massive 47% of individuals aged 66 and up admitted to using their cellphones while on the toilet.

As you might imagine, the spike in the use of mobile phones in the bathroom has caused the amount of time people spend on the toilet to increase as well. In fact, multiple online surveys seem to suggest that around 60% of survey respondents spend, on average, anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes longer on the john due to smartphone use.

Shockingly, online address-book-site Plaxo reports that nearly 1 in 5 individuals will drop a smartphone into the toilet at some point in life. With data like this, it leaves us to wonder… how many individuals fished the phones back out? And if the smartphone met its unfortunate end in a public restroom, did people just reach right in? It looks like the jury is still on out statistics like these, but as technology continues to evolve over time, we don’t doubt that we may one day get these answers!

So what if this is you? Naturally, if you're going to spend that much quality time on the toilet, you might as well be doing it in comfort and style. Looking for a toilet that fits the bill? Just give us a call. We’re always here to help.