What’s Going On Here?: Leaky Faucet Edition

Let’s face it: a leaky faucet is annoying. And even more than that, it could be costing you money by allowing water to constantly drip out when it shouldn’t be. Most of the time, leaky faucets are caused by corrosion - the breakdown of the metal faucet fixture. They can also be caused by mineral deposits or even defective parts, but most importantly, they can be caused by something small that can turn into a bigger problem if ignored.

But what’s causing it? Read on for a few possible leaky faucet culprits:

1. An issue with the O-ring

The handle of a faucet is held in place by something called a stem screw, which is attached to small disc called the O-ring. Over time, the O-ring can easily become loose or simply wear out, causing a drip near the faucet’s handle.

2. A corroded valve seat

Your faucet’s valve seat connects it to the spout and compression mechanism. Many times regular faucet use can lead to the corrosion of the valve seat, which leads to a leak in the spout area.

3. An old or improperly installed washer

One of the most common culprits of a leaky faucet, washers are forced against the valve seat during each faucet use. Over time, friction and pressure simply cause the washer to wear out. If the washer hasn’t been installed properly to begin with or isn’t the right size for your faucet, similar leakage can occur.

4. Other loose or worn-out parts and seals

Realistically speaking, nothing lasts forever, and that’s often the case when a faucet starts to leak. Parts can often come loose and seals can become tired and old from years of doing a solid job.

5. Broken plumbing

The most serious culprit, a broken pipe or pipe fittings can also cause a leaky faucet. When pipes aren’t in proper condition, they can develop cracks that cause water pressure interference and can lead to issues with containing the water properly.

Faucet Leaking? What Now?

Even if you’re educated about what could be causing your faucet to leak, fixing it can be a different story. That’s where we come in. Just give us a call and take advantage of our free consultation - we’re always happy to help. After all, there’s a reason why Dauenhauer is Louisville’s premier plumbing service.