How to Avoid a Plumbing Disaster

Let's face it—plumbing problems can be a lot like the plot of a typical disaster movie.

There are small signs that something isn't right, but because the signs are so small, it's easy to ignore them. If it's a disaster movie, it might be a glimpse of a shark fin in the water or seismic activity near a volcano. In your home plumbing system, it might be an unusually big water bill or signs of leaky pipes.

There's always a point at which some smart person suggests that action be taken to prevent an impending tragedy. In a disaster movie, that might be closing the beach or evacuating the town at the foot of the volcano. In your home plumbing system, that would probably be your spouse saying "Honey, maybe we should bring in a licensed plumber to take a look at that?”

But inevitably, the warnings go unheeded and disaster strikes! In your home, that might be major water damage from a small leak that got big way faster than you thought. Or it might be a water heater that goes out completely—at the beginning of a long weekend.

Don't want to star in your own personal plumbing disaster movie? Then call Dauenhauer, any hour, as soon as you suspect a problem with your plumbing. As a licensed plumber in Lexington, KY and the Louisville area, we will quickly diagnose and fix the problem while it's still a small problem, and save you from a potential plumbing disaster.