The Basement Business

When spring showers hit, the last thing you want is a basement as wet as the ground outside. Especially in the midst of storm season, basements meant to protect us can quickly become problematic if the heavy rain makes an appearance inside the house. Left unchecked, water-filled basements can cause damage to flooring, furniture and drywall. They can also breed mold, which is especially dangerous in a home where you or your family struggle with allergies.

So, what’s causing the leak? Many times, a wet basement can be traced back to:

  • Rainwater entering the home through the walls of the foundation
  • A sump pump that is malfunctioning or has lost power
  • Water from your city’s storm sewer causing a backup in your drain and ultimately a leak
  • Backup of the sanitary sewer that has entered your home through your sink or floor drains
  • Hydrostatic pressure that forces the water in saturated soil to be pushed into your basement

If you’re unsure which of these could be causing the problem, it never hurts to give us a call. We’ll help you troubleshoot the cause of your wet basement, and from there we’ll help you determine the best way to tackle the situation.