Ten Sneaky Ways To Lower Your Water Bill

Many of our customers for plumbing services in Lexington, Kentucky and the Louisville area ask us if we have any tips to help lower their monthly water bill. Here are a few of the most common problems that, when taken care of, can sometimes drastically reduce your water bill over time.

  1. Check for leaks. We know that this sounds like a no-brainer, but people tend to assume that if they aren't finding puddles of water or sagging floors, they don't have a leak. Not true! Small leaks can go undetected for months or years, and even a small leak can cost you a lot of money in higher water bills over time. Check your water meter, then check it again after two hours of no water usage. If the meter has moved, guess what? You've got a leak somewhere.

  1. Fix your drippy faucets. Aside from being annoying, when you're listening to that drip, drip, drip, you may as well be hearing ching, ching, ching as money runs down the drain. Even a single drop per second will waste 2700 gallons of water over a year! If you're on a municipal sewer, you're paying both for those gallons coming through the dripping faucet and down the drain into your sewer bill.

  2. If your toilet handle sticks often and keeps it running, replace it! Also, if the valve flap has become worn, causing the toilet to flush repeatedly, get that fixed!

  3. Replace shower heads with ultra-low-flow heads. Yes, we know that Seinfeld episode said your hair would be a mess. You don't believe everything you see on Seinfeld, do you?

  4. Replace old toilets with low flow units. An alternative if you can't afford to replace the toilet right now is to put a brick in the tank. The brick takes up some of the volume, reducing the water used in each flush.

  5. Consider adding aerators with flow restrictors to your household faucets.

  6. Only run dishwashers and washing machines with a full load.

  7. Make sure your pipes are properly insulated. That way, you won't need to let the water run as long to get the right temperature.

  8. Make sure the temperature setting on your water heater is correct for your needs. If you find that you have to run the water for a long time to get the mix of hot and cold right, maybe you have the setting too high or low at the water heater.

  9. Plan meals a day ahead so you can thaw meat in the fridge overnight, not under running water. It's wasteful, and also isn't the best method from a food safety perspective.

Some of these tips you can take care of yourself, but if you find that you need help with a new, more efficient water heater, toilet, or other plumbing fixtures, or if you find you need leak repair in Louisville or Lexington Kentucky areas, be sure to call Dauenhauer, any hour.