The easiest way to avoid a costly leak

September is a popular month for outdoor home improvement projects. The weather starts to cool off enough to make working outdoors bearable, and garden centers offer big sales. When your plans for landscaping your property include any kind of digging, do yourself a huge favor. Call for a utility locate before you break ground.

In Kentucky and Indiana, it’s not just foolish to dig without calling for a locate, it’s illegal. Both states have a “Call Before You Dig” law on the books. Either call 811, or (800) 752-6007 for Kentucky and (800) 382-5544 for Indiana. Professionals will come out to your property and mark all your utilities, including water and sewer lines, with paint. Whether you’re setting posts for a new deck or excavating a new garden pond, the last thing you need is adding the expense and stress of repairing an emergency leak to the project.

We hope you follow our advice on this one. But just in case you read this a little too late, if you do hit your pipes, shut your water off at the meter and call Dauenhauer. We’ll get it fixed fast, even on nights and weekends.