Toilet Features You Didn't Know Existed

When our customers need a toilet replacement, we alway help them find a unit with the right features to fit their budget. For most people, that means considering height, fit and flushing power. But for some homeowners, only the best, most high-tech toilets will do.

Here are a few fancy features you may not have known were options:

Seat warmers, spray wash/bidet, and blow dryer.

Often, these features come with a remote control or a control panel on the side of the unit, and are referred to as a “washlet” in the plumbing fixtures industry.

Built-in MP3 player and SD slot.

Need to be entertained at all times, or just like some “cover noise”? This is the unit for you. Some come with classical music or nature sounds pre-loaded.

“Hands-free” flush and lid.

Equipped with motion sensors to lift the lid when you enter the bathroom. These are perfect for the germ-phobe, or maybe just the chronically lazy.


Sometimes you have to go in the middle of the night. This handy feature means you won’t trip and stub your toe on the way.

As you can see, “taking care of business” is pretty serious business for some toilet manufacturers. These high-tech features have been pretty standard in Japan for several years. Toto’s Neorest offers most of these features, and retails for $3,500. Even the U.S. brand Koehler is getting in on the action. Their Numi toilet sells for close to $5,000, and offers a sleek, minimalist design.

Most of our customers don’t want or need all these bells, whistles and gadgets. They may be more concerned about seat height for an elderly family member, or flushing power to fit their water pressure. Even if you want the most basic model, professional installation is key. If your toilet needs to be replaced, call Dauenhauer at any hour. We’ll take care of it quickly.