Why Summer is the Season for Drain Cleaning

As the weather gets hot, our friendly techs stay hopping. You’ve probably noticed our distinctive white vans out and about more than usual for the past month. Summer is a busy season for Louisville and Lexington plumbers, and we are definitely no exception.

Aside from unexpected emergency plumbing jobs, summer is the ideal time to tackle getting your drains cleaned. Why? Because it’s the time of year when your drains, like our plumbing techs, are getting their biggest workout.

Summer means more frequent showers. Hot weather means your family is showering more often. That means bath drains are catching more hair and conditioner than usual. A lot of hair and greasy conditioner can lead to slow drains or worse, clogs.

Summer means more grilling out. Whether it’s a graduation party, family reunion or company picnic, your grill is getting more action right now. Some of that grease is liable to end up in your drains. Even if you use paper plates, your platters, serving dishes and utensils can carry grease to your kitchen sink. Speaking of which, please do yourself a huge favor. Never pour grease down there intentionally.

Summer means more dirty clothes. You’re probably spending more time doing yard work or gardening. Your kids are probably spending a ton of time playing outside, which is great for their Vitamin D levels. However, it’s probably leading to a lot more dirt in your laundry as well. That dirt and grime has to go somewhere when it leaves your washing machine. Right down your drains.

If you’ve noticed your drains slowing lately, act fast to get them cleaned. A serious clog or backup would be a real summer bummer.