Does Your Toilet Flush Itself?

Have you ever walked by your bathroom to hear the sound of the toilet seemingly flushing itself? Relax. Your bathroom isn't haunted by a ghostly toilet flusher. It's actually a fairly common plumbing problem that is usually relatively simple to fix. As a licensed plumbing company, we often get calls from customers complaining that their toilet seems to be flushing on its own.

Most likely, the rubber valve seal has gotten worn or warped, which causes your toilet to flush itself. This can happen if the toilet or valve seal is especially old, or if you tend to use bleach tablets that drop into the tank to keep your toilet clean—the concentrated bleach is hard on your valve seal and can cause it to degrade more quickly than normal.

While it's a simple plumbing problem, it's important to fix it quickly because it will continue to waste water and increase your water bill until the plumbing repair is completed.

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