How Outdoor Activities Stress Your Plumbing

Summer is the time of year for family fun. But it can be surprisingly tough on your home’s plumbing. Here are a few of the hidden hazards to watch out for, which can stress your plumbing and lead to serious problems.

Grilling out. Everyone loves a summer barbecue, but be careful what you do with those food scraps, and especially the grease that pools on your serving plates. Keep it out of your sink. Even if you’ve got a disposal, food scraps and animal fat are notorious for causing serious clogs.

School’s out. You probably enjoy having the kids home, and we know they enjoy having more time to play with their friends. But an unexpected side effect is that your toilet may see a lot more action than usual. Especially with neighborhood kids running in and out of your home to “take care of business,” it’s possible that your potty may not be able to keep up.

Worn-out washing machines. Between gardening, sports, swimming and just plain sweat, you do a lot more laundry during the summer than other months. Your washing machine hoses only have a three year lifecycle. How long has it been since you replaced them? It might be a good time to give them a quick look, before all those extra loads lead to an unpleasant surprise.

Summer can put a lot more pressure on your plumbing, but if you keep an eye on things, most serious problems are preventable. If you’d like to make sure your pipes and fixtures are ready, give us a call. We’ll send out one of our techs to give everything a thorough check-up.