Avoiding Plumbing Problems on Vacation

It’s summer vacation time, and the living is easy! At least it should be. Summer is traditionally the time to kick back and relax. But it’s kind of hard to avoid stress if your house floods or your water heater dies while you’re out of town. Here are some tips to make sure your summer vacation isn’t ruined by a plumbing problem.

Be prepared, just in case. The biggest expense associated with unexpected plumbing leaks is not fixing the leak, but repairing any water damage. The faster it gets fixed, the cheaper it will be. If someone is picking up your mail and feeding your pets, you should also make sure they have the number to your emergency plumber. (Dauenhauer is available 24/7, and we have a special number for after-hours emergencies).

Test your sump pump. Summer storms can lead to flooded basements. Before you head out, pour some water into your sump pump to make sure it’s working properly. Or if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, we can do a test for you.

Lower your water heater temperature. If you’re going to be gone a long time, it might be a good idea to lower the temperature setting on your water heater. Otherwise, it’s possible enough water will evaporate to damage the unit.

Turn off your main water valve. Of course, if you’re planning on being away from your home for several weeks to months, it might be best to just turn the water off to your house altogether. This is also an important element of winterizing your vacation home at the end of the season.

We hope you cruise through a fantastic, stress-free summer this year. But if plumbing problems threaten to rock the boat, call Dauenhauer. We’ll get things back on-course fast.