March Madness: Crazy Things People Do to Their Plumbing System

When people talk about “March madness,” especially in this area, they’re usually referring to basketball. However, as one of Louisville and Lexington’s top plumbing companies, we see a different kind. When the weather starts to warm up, we get called in to fix the crazy things people do to their plumbing system. Here are a few things you should avoid if you want to take better care of your home’s plumbing.

Flushing what shouldn’t be flushed. It doesn’t matter what it says on the label. There’s no such thing as “flushable” kitty litter, make-up remover pads, toilet scrubbers, cleaning wipes or feminine hygiene products. They simply don’t disintegrate fast enough, and will still pose a clogging problem in your pipes. Keep this stuff out of the potty, or else expect an insane clog.

And while we’re talking toilets, avoid those drop-in tank fresheners, as well. Yes, the blue water is very pretty, but they usually contain chemicals which can wear out your toilet’s working parts. They can also get wedged in the flush valve, which will waste a lot of water and keep it from flushing.

Trying to DIY a job best left to the pros. It’s a little crazy to think that liquid drain cleaners can be strong enough to break down clogs, but won’t also damage your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners rarely get the job done--you’re better off calling in a plumber. On a similar note, trying to diagnose and fix a plumbing problem yourself is usually a bad idea. A trained plumber can find and repair the issue much faster, and a faster fix will save you money.

Pretending instead of preparing. There are a few plumbing parts and fixtures which are almost guaranteed to fail, if not replaced after a period of time. Pretending your old water heater, or your washing machine hoses, will continue to work forever is just plumb crazy. Water hoses should be replaced every five years, and water heaters generally fail after eight to 12 years.

Okay, so maybe some of this stuff doesn’t sound so crazy. In fact, it might seem perfectly reasonable. But as a plumbing company in Louisville and Lexington, ignoring our advice might leave you mad, because you’ll have to pay for needless repairs. Want help stopping the madness? Call Dauenhauer, any hour.