Why speed matters and price matters in plumbing

When you need plumbing repair in Lexington or Louisville, it can be a tough decision. There are many different factors to consider when choosing a plumber. Two of the most important things to consider are speed and price. How fast can they arrive to assess and complete the repairs? What price did they quote for the work?

How speed saves you money

The longer your plumbing repair takes, the more expensive it will be. The real cost adds up when a leaky fixture or pipe causes water damage to other parts of your home. Flooring, subfloor, drywall, insulation and other interior materials aren’t designed to get wet. The fastest plumbing repair will generally end up being the least expensive one, simply because you’re keeping the costs contained to the plumbing repair alone. The sooner you can get a Louisville or Lexington plumber out to take care of it, the better.

Why price is about more than the lowest bid

It’s important to get a firm quote before the work is performed. If a Louisville or Lexington plumber says they can’t tell you how much it will cost till the work is done — choose another plumber! And make sure the work is guaranteed; otherwise you may end up paying for the same repair twice. With Dauenhauer, you can be assured of getting good quality service for a fair price. Not certain? Just look at our reviewsour licensed plumbers with years of experience allow us to provide fast, accurate estimates. With our best price guarantee, you know by choosing Dauenhauer you will pay once and the problem will be fixed.

If you need fast service to handle a leak or other plumbing repair in Louisville or Lexington, call Dauenhauer. We’re known for our speedy response times. And if you’re not sure about the quote you’ve received from another plumber, give us a call. We provide free second opinions on any job.