Strange Smells from Your Tap Water | Dauenhauer Plumbing

Does your tap water smell bad? Most likely, the cause is something relatively harmless.

Certain areas near Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky are known for high levels of sulphur in the water, which can cause a rotten egg smell. In fact, French Lick Springs in Indiana has two historic resorts that sprang up around a mineral spring that has highly sulphuric "Pluto water.”

However, if your water doesn't typically have a strong odor, there are a few other possibilities. The most common cause is the presence of a non-toxic, sulphate-reducing bacteria known as Divibrio Sulfurcans. The chlorine that is present in most tap water will kill the bacteria, but if your water comes from a well, rather than a municipal water system, or if you have plumbing fixtures such as toilets that get used infrequently enough for the chlorine to dissipate, then it's possible for the bacteria to grow.

While it's not harmful, this odor is definitely unpleasant. If you want to get rid of it, you'll need to chlorinate your water.

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