Does Your New Addition Mean an Additional Water Heater?

Something that can be forgotten when adding rooms to your home is the extra strain on your water heater. If you’re using Dauenhauer for your addition’s plumbing, our team will be more than happy to help you determine if you will need a new unit. Let’s look at a few things to consider before speaking with your plumber.

The Use of the Space

Additions come in all shapes and sizes, but the one of the most obvious things to consider is whether or not your addition includes a bathroom. Showers typically use about 2-2.5 gallons per minute (GPM), and a normal bathtub holds about 30 gallons. If your addition is going to be a master bathroom with custom features in the shower, the water demands are significantly greater. The most important things to consider are how long will you want to take a shower and how quickly your water heater needs to recover.

People in the House

Who will be using the addition, and how many people live in the home now? If your home sees a lot of guests, then it is certainly worth the investment to ensure you always have hot water. Consider this: an average shower uses about 20 gallons of hot water. Forty gallon water heaters are pretty standard, so you can see the strain a few back-to-back showers would have on your hot water supply. Our staff can help you better calculate your system’s recovery time, but that gives you a pretty good idea.

In-Floor Heating

If you hate cold floors in the winter, you may be considering in-floor heating to heat your bathroom. While it’s certainly nice on the toes on those cold mornings, there are several things to consider first. For this type of system, we strongly recommend doing a heat-loss analysis to determine the amount of BTUs required and whether or not your unit can handle the new demand. Our team will have other questions for you, but these are a few things to consider in the meantime. If you haven’t started your addition yet, our team will be happy to give you a free quote.