How To Ensure You Get the Best Plumbing Quote

Discovering a plumbing problem in your home can be a nerve-wracking experience. When plumbing issues arise, they’re a huge disruption to your everyday routine. Then the process of finding and hiring a qualified plumber can also stress you out. At Dauenhauer, we’re doing our part to ease your mind on both fronts. We offer free second opinions on any quote, from any plumber. So you can be sure you’re getting a fair price.

Pricing a plumbing repair job can be a tricky situation. It requires years of experience to have a good idea of how many hours, and how much material, a repair will require. We’ve been in business for decades and are highly familiar with the particular common plumbing problems in this area. Our team of reliable, licensed plumbing technicians can judge a job accurately, based on their years of experience.

We don’t just rely on experience and educated guesses. We perform video pipe inspection when you’ve got a leaky or blocked pipe, so we know exactly what and where the problem is. Because of the volume of business we perform, we also get great pricing on materials and fixtures – which we pass along to you. When you get a quote from Dauenhauer Plumbing, you can be confident it is accurate, fair and honest.

Whatever your residential plumbing problem, we’re here to make it less of a headache with a free quick quote at any time, including nights and weekends. Don’t stress, let us take care of the mess. Call Dauenhauer the next time you need plumbing repair.