Diagnosing Sewer Line Problems

As a homeowner it can be frustrating when your sewer lines slow down, and a major inconvenience if they back up. It’s tough to tell what the problem is unless you hire a professional licensed plumber to do a inspect your sewer lines from the inside. Right now, we’re offering a $100 coupon on any excavation work, so even if you do need a sewer replacement, you can do it for less.

Nobody wants the expense of a sewer line replacement if it’s not necessary. However, you can waste money and effort pouring toxic drain cleaners down pipes which are cracked or hopelessly clogged with tree roots. The best idea is to deal with the problem proactively and get a clear picture of why your sewer lines aren't working correctly.

When you hire us to diagnose your sewer line problems, we’ll perform a video pipe inspection first. By inserting a fiber-optic camera into your sewer pipes, we can clearly see what is the nature of the problem, then make a recommendation for the best course of action. That might mean cleaning out the pipes, or it may mean a sewer line replacement.

If the solution is to auger your sewer lines, you’ll be pleased to know that Dauenhauer Plumbing has the best sewer cleaning guarantee in the business. We can’t promise your pipes won’t get clogged again in the future, but if they do, we’ll clean them again for free.

If your sewer lines are old clay pipes, getting them replaced with more durable and modern PVC is the best way to ensure they aren't blocked by roots and other obstructions. Because we always do a video pipe inspection, we’ll know exactly where the problem is. Even if we have to dig up a section of your sewer lines to replace them, we can minimize the disruption to your lawn and landscaping.

While looking into your sewer lines is a scary proposition, you’re better off knowing what you’re really dealing with. The alternative is possibly a major sewer backup and an emergency repair bill. So if your sewer lines aren't draining the way they should, it’s a good time to call Dauenhauer.